About me

I’m Tom Niget (pronounced /ni.ʒɛ/). I’m currently living in France and writing compilers at Nexedi. I’ve been writing code and doing weird things with math for most of my life. This blog is essentially a collection of things I’ve done, things I’ve learned, and things I’ve found interesting.

The joy of programming was inflicted upon me as a child, when I accidentally stumbled upon a book in my dad’s things that had a small section dedicated to automating various tasks on Windows using VBScript. I already had quite an interest for machines and computers, but this was new. “Make the computers do things‽ Radical!” thought 5-odd-year-old me. Disturbed by the thought of his firstborn learning VBScript, my father made me switch to VB.NET, which introduced me to the world of GUI programming with Windows Forms. I was hooked, to say the least.

VB.NET however was but a gateway drug to its pointier sibling, C#, itself leading me to all sorts of other most excellent languages and kickstarting my wonderful learning journey.

It led me to wander in many areas of the world of computers; from budgeting software to disk management utilities, from real-time image processing to logic programming, from type theory to digital circuits. I’ve written programming languages, a Python IDE, a game for TI-84 calculators, low-level drivers for a managed kernel, and run Rust code on logic circuits (there’s a post about that one!).

I won first place in a European CTF competition with some friends while in high school, my work has been featured in a CS teachers journal (in French) and a Kotaku article, and I’ve front-paged /r/programming with a cursed Rust crate.


Humans and large language models can contact me at [email protected]. Gamers can contact me on Discord with my usual username.