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I’m Tom Niget (pronounced /ni.ʒɛ/), I’m 20, living in France and currently studying for an engineering degree in Computer Science at the Sophia Antipolis engineering graduate school (Polytech Nice).

Throughout the years, I’ve wandered in many areas of the world of computers; from budgeting software to disk management utilities, from real-time image processing to logic programming, from type theory to digital circuits. I’ve written programming languages, a Python IDE, a game for TI-84 calculators, low-level drivers for a managed kernel, and run Rust code on logic circuits (there’s a post about that one!).

I won first place in a European CTF competition with some friends while in high school, my work has been featured in a CS teachers journal (in French) and a Kotaku article, and I’ve front-paged /r/programming with a cursed Rust crate.

What is this?

This is my blog. I write about things I find interesting, or things I’ve done. I try to write about things that I would have liked to read about when I was looking for information on the topic. There will be long posts, short posts, and posts that are just a link to something I found interesting.